Ceramic, cone 9, 04, high & lowfire glazes W. 14" x H. 16" x D. 14". 1998


South China Morning Post Dec.29 1997 “Virus fears spark massive 24-hour operation to kill all local chickens." 1.2 MILLION BIRDS TO BE SLAUGHTERED.

A disease until recently found only in birds, was discovered to have killed a little boy in Hong Kong. When two of his cousins came down with the same flu, the live chickens they had been playing with were suspected of carrying this disease. The crisis escalated when the health provider for the first child, who had had no contact with live poultry, also came down with the illness. Therefore it was now suspected that the disease was being passed via human contact. Panic ensued in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government decided to cull all live chickens in Hong Kong and ban importing them from mainland China. Chicken consumption dropped dramatically. The gods at winter solstice and Chinese New Year have to be appeased with other foods until the fear abates.

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