Alex and Tuppy Lawson, as an escape route, created Dr. Insomnia’s from recession-ridden England in 1993. We came back to the San Francisco Bay Area (having been posted here three years earlier for a one-year tour of corporate duty). The objective was to create a business that would be focused on human values, mutual respect and valuing family. The first leg of the journey was to open a coffee shop in "Old Town Novato". The site was a 100-year-old Blacksmith shop. It was the first "Coffee Shop" in the community and enabled us to touch the lives of thousands of people we hope in a positive way. The store was open at 3:00 A.M. every morning (except Sundays, a "family day" for all at Dr. Insomnia's) and closed at 3.00P.M. Every day allowing everyone involved with the business to be home with their families in time for after school. We also dedicated our "Tip Jar" to the needy of our community helping those less fortunate families around us. Five years later we sold the store to two fellows who also had a coffee store in Callistoga.

The second leg of the journey has evolved into Tuppy developing her ceramic works and selling them at various galleries throughout the Bay Area . She has exhibited in venues such as the Belmont Museum, Oakland Museum, CAA -Ceramic Art of America and the ACGA festivals. Her new collections can be seen at ANTONIAART.COM .

Alex is now selling his favorite cars, MINI COOPERs, to residents of the surrounding areas. We remain dedicated to trying to live lives that we can hold up to our children as principled and honorable. Dr. Insomnia's remains our registered trademark.

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Alex & Tuppy.